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Achieve better posture, focus, and core strength

in just 4 weeks!

With these safe exercises you can start a routine and notice progress in your health and fitness journey without spending a dime.

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Need hands-on help from experts who care about you and your specific goals regardless of your age, injuries, and current fitness level?

Some people see physical fitness only as a means to achieve beautiful body shape.

What they don’t realize is that it’s more than just feeling strong and confident. It also offers healing opportunities to injuries, aches and pains, and improves your mental and physical health. If you value well-being and self-care..

If you are looking for proper guidance, accountability, and motivation because your injury, age or other mental, physical, and environmental limitations are stopping you from being consistent..

REAL offers genuine help that is personalized for your needs coupled with fun so you won’t feel bored – ever!

Let’s work together to achieve your maximum potential because we believe you can do more.


Professional. Caring. Fun.

Tyler Prieur


Tyler believes exercise can change your life in many ways. He also emphasizes its importance for your mental and physical health.

With over 10 years of experience, Tyler can help you with any fitness goals you have.

Read more about Tyler here

Reynier Rodriguez Pavon


Rey encourages people to make fitness an experience for health and happiness while using exercise as a crucial element for overall well-being and promoting both mental health and longevity.

With his educational background and professional experience, Rey will create a positive and uplifting environment to help you reach your goals in your fitness journey.

Read more about Rey here

Taylor Campbell

Health and Fitness Diploma

Taylor enjoys helping people find and reach their ultimate potential by creating a safe space to achieve their goals and use fitness to transform their life to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Her positive and vibrant personality along with her 7 years of experience in the personal training industry allows Taylor to be motivated, committed and passionate about the impact exercise can have on your life.

Read more about Taylor here

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Personal Training | Meriem N.Best Personal Training Studio in Ottawa!

Real PT is the best personal training studio in Ottawa! They are so attentive to their clients needs and wants. They truly listen and work closely with me to achieve my goals. They care so much, I have nothing but good things to say. I always leave filled with energy and fulfilled after my session. Could not recommend Real PT enough!!

Performance Training | Tristian B. Canadian Snowcross Snowboard AthleteFits My Competitive Sport!

I have been trained by Tyler and Eric for 3 years now and they have designed my training to fit my competitive sport and the results are great! Qualified to compete at the Canada Games, Youth Olympics and Junior Worlds from 2019-2020. Thanks Tyler and Eric!

Virtual Training | Stephanie E.Workouts from the Safety of My Own Home!

I've been with Tyler (and sometimes Eric) for almost two years now. They push me and challenge me (which is what I need) with an attention to form and technique that maximizes effectiveness and prevents injury. The last year has been spent doing virtual training from home. The way Tyler worked to adapt his business ensured I was able to continue my workouts from the safety of my own home. Throughout the pandemic, that routine was crucial to both my physical and mental health. Thank you, Tyler!

Online Exercise Program | Steve D.Distance Programming is Incredibly User Friendly!

I have been working with REAL Personal Training for over three years now - all of them through their distance programming. I can honestly say that my health and well-being are the best they have ever been. Their distance programming is incredibly user friendly. And beyond that, Tyler truly cares about his clients and I have developed an honest relationship with him. It is because of that relationship (and my results) that I trust his programs wholeheartedly. I firmly believe in REAL Personal Training and will be a lifelong client.

Read more success stories here
Happy female athlete having fun while giving her trainer high-five on a break in a gym.

How Real Can Help You

According to Global News in 2017, one (1) in five (5) Canadians experience mental health problems or disorders in any given year.

That is a total of 7.5 million Canadians living in pain that the rest of the population may or may not understand the cause. REAL was founded by Tyler who has experienced anxiety, depression, and many injuries. Now, it’s his mission to help people get healthy and fit both mentally and physically through physical exercise as it has helped him.

There’s no reason for you NOT to achieve your health goals no matter how old you are, what injuries you’ve been through, and how busy your lifestyle is.
Let us help you!

Personal Trainers that Truly Listen

Your safety, comfort, and convenience is our priority in assisting you with your training needs. We also make sure you enjoy every session without getting bored. If you don’t like crowded gyms because you need to focus on your exercise, feel at home here at the REAL Personal Training Studio.

Thorough Assessment Process

Before we get to work, we want to make sure that a personal trainer is what you really need. You tell us your story, your needs, and specific goals before we offer you anything. If you have poor posture, mobility issues, want to age healthy with a sharp mind and body, have weight loss goals, or simply need motivation, our assessment will help us come up with the best program design for you.

Excellent Exercise Plans

Every person has unique needs and we truly understand that. We craft exercise plans and routines that are tailored to fit your age whether you are 30 or 70. We recommend safe exercises whether you have recently been injured, pregnant, or are fit for more intensive routines. Your schedule and availability is also noted and we have a system to track and monitor your progress.

Results in Just 4 Sessions!

You’ll get personalized health and training programs that are guaranteed to get you results in less time than you imagined so you can set your next goal. Tired of your workout program and can’t seem to get the results that you want? REAL Personal Training is committed to guide and teach you proper exercise routines fit for you!

Discover which program fits you best

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Achieve better posture, focus, and core strength in just 4 weeks!

With these safe exercises you can start a routine and notice progress in your health and fitness journey without spending a dime.

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