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From Pain to Breakthrough to Passion…

It all began in 2006 when Tyler was dealing with anxiety and depression – refusing to sleep and unable to deal and manage his thoughts and emotions properly. He visited a psychiatrist who helped him figure out a few ways to calm him down and aid his sleep. His medications helped but he felt like he wasn’t in top health yet so this motivated him to prioritize his health.

He began training with a strength and conditioning coach in Cornwall, Ontario to excel his hockey performance. This made him realize how amazing the performance training had impacted his mental health too. He instantly fell in love with his exercise routine. He trained hard consistently, which allowed him to excel on the ice and also in the classroom.

He was always fortunate to be captain or assistant captain in minor hockey and lead the teams he played on. He played three years of Junior ‘A’ hockey, was selected to the All-Rookie Team, and then invited to the Team Canada East Camp. In the classroom, he always made the honour roll each year and in Grade 8 he was the valedictorian. When he graduated high school, he was an Ontario Scholar.

One day, he made the tough decision to stop playing the sport he loved because of injuries. Concussions were the main reason for his decision which also triggered his anxiety and depression — again.

However, this didn’t stop his physical fitness journey.

In 2011, he enrolled in the Human Kinetics program at the University of Ottawa where he continued to exercise, not only for physical performance this time. He acknowledged that exercise was just as important for his mental health as it was for his physical health, and gaining that experience and understanding led him to a career in personal training.

With his personal story of overcoming anxiety and depression coupled with the knowledge he was getting from learning the science, he then knew that REAL Personal Training could fulfil his desire to help people be the healthiest and fittest both mentally and physically. He could also help athletes find their true potential in their sport by taking their fitness to the next level.

After graduating his university program in 2015 and gaining valuable experience as a personal trainer and strength coach, he decided to follow his passion and open REAL Personal Training in 2016.


Some people see physical fitness only as a means to achieve beautiful body shape.

REAL Personal Training was founded by Tyler Prieur in 2016 with a mission to tailor exercise programs for each individual to prioritize mental and physical health which will improve performance in their personal life on many levels.

It is a personal training studio in Ottawa, Ontario that strongly believes exercise has a purpose in everyone’s life.

Stress relief, reducing anxiety and depression, or increasing mental energy are some of the benefits exercise can contribute to your mental health.

Weight loss, injury rehabilitation, posture, performance, or healthy aging are some of the benefits exercise can provide for your physical health.

REAL is a welcoming environment with skilled trainers who can tailor an exercise program specifically for you to reach your unique health and fitness goals.

Today, REAL Personal Training has its own exclusive, private fitness studio that offers personal training, performance training, virtual training and online programs.

Our extensive clientele has allowed us to help a variety of people overcome their limitations and experience life-changing results through our professionally planned exercise programs.

We have done the same for elite athletes. Our performance training programs are designed specifically for their sport which allows athletes to take their performance to the next level so they can get noticed by sports organizers and teams.

The REAL approach to exercise is to determine the most effective program design for each individual by first completing a thorough assessment by one of our educated and experienced trainers.

Each body is unique and has different injuries, strengths, weaknesses, mobility, stability, coordination, balance and fitness levels. Therefore, we record every detail about your body and also ask lifestyle questions to determine areas we can help you improve to maximize your results.

Everyone has a busy lifestyle too. Therefore, REAL personal training studio ensures each session is efficient by creating a plan to guide each individual towards their goals.

We care, we genuinely want to help, and we have the knowledge to help you achieve your own physical fitness breakthrough.

If you are looking for proper guidance, accountability, and motivation because your injury, age or other mental, physical, and environmental limitations are stopping you from being consistent..

REAL offers genuine help that is personalized for your needs coupled with fun so you won’t feel bored – ever!

The REAL Team

Professional. Caring. Fun

Tyler Prieur

Tyler believes exercise can change your life in many ways. He also emphasizes its importance for your mental and physical health.
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Growing up, he played every sport possible but focused mainly on hockey and lacrosse. He started to exercise at the age of 14 with the help of a strength and conditioning coach for his hockey performance. This allowed him to play 3 years of Junior ‘A’, attend the Team Canada East camp, and be selected to the ‘All-Rookie’ Team as a 16 year old in his first year.

He continued to exercise throughout University to stay in shape both mentally and physically.

He graduated with honours at the University of Ottawa with Specialization in Human Kinetics. With his passion for exercise combined with his education, Tyler began working as a personal trainer where he gained valuable experience helping a large clientele with goals of improved posture, injury rehabilitation, improved body composition, proper exercise technique, improved mental health, and strengthened performance for athletes.

With over 10 years of experience, Tyler can help you with any fitness goals you have.

Reynier Rodriguez Pavon

Rey encourages people to make fitness a shared experience for health and happiness while using exercise as a crucial tool for promoting overall well-being, mental health and longevity.
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Rey is dedicated to improving your well-being through a balanced and personalized approach to fitness. With a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, he brings a solid foundation to guide you on your fitness journey. 

His goal is to enhance your quality of life through tailored workouts that encompass his love for sports such as baseball, softball, taekwondo and outdoor activities. Expect Rey to create a positive and uplifting environment as he’s a firm believer in the power of a contagious smile. 

Family is at the core of his values and he encourages people to make fitness a shared experience for health and happiness.

His favourite exercise is the barbell squat and he enjoys incorporating Latin music and reggaeton into workouts for added motivation. He strongly believes in the adage “mens sana in corpore sano”—a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

Rey believes exercise is a crucial element for overall well-being and promoting both mental health and longevity.

Taylor Campbell

Taylor enjoys helping people find and reach their ultimate potential by creating a safe space to achieve their goals and use fitness to transform their life to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
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She has earned her Fitness and Health Promotion diploma from Algonquin College and completed a certification from the Ontario Fitness Council in personal training and group fitness, along with a certification from Agatsu for a Kettlebell Instructor.

Outside of the studio, Taylor enjoys rollerblading, skating, hiking, yoga, weight-lifting and has played football in previous years. She also enjoys exploring new places, reading, cooking, baking and spending time outside in nature.

Some of her bucket-list items include climbing a mountain, swimming with dolphins, traveling through Europe and doing a cross-country trip through Canada.

Her positive and vibrant personality along with her 7 years of experience in the personal training industry allows Taylor to be motivated, committed and passionate about the impact exercise can have on your life.

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REAL Core Values

We have these core values because our business guarantees a good decision on our client’s behalf to train with us. They always feel welcomed, extremely satisfied with our service and always recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues. We make our sessions the best part of their day. They just have to show up and we do the rest.


Our clients trust that we give them the best session every time and always try our best to help them as much as we can.


We value our customers and have the utmost respect for them no matter who they are. We listen, we care and we’re here to help.


We provide answers for our clients’ goals and create honest training programs and timelines for them. We believe in the truth and have the knowledge to communicate the right and important information to our clients.


People thrive off happiness and energy, which is why REAL maintains a positive environment no matter what. We understand people get stressed and negative things happen, but we cultivate living a happy and best life in our studio.


We go above and beyond to help our clients, and promise the best training experience every session.


We’re always here to help with the experience and knowledge we have to know the best plan for each individual which is proven by our diverse clients’ results.


We can help clients get the results they want in the best and honest way possible. We value our clients time and want to make the most of it when they’re with us.

Achieve better posture, focus, and core strength in just 4 weeks!

With these safe exercises you can start a routine and notice progress in your health and fitness journey without spending a dime.

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