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If you need help with your posture, weight-loss, injury rehabilitation, healthy aging, motivation or need to learn how to exercise properly..

..or if you’re an athlete and want to take your performance to the next level, we have the expertise and system to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Exclusive fitness studio for a focused session and safe and clean environment.

Efficient 30-minute workouts that fit into your schedule and give you the REAL experience that our clients love.

Effective program design based on our thorough assessment and your goals. This includes proper periodizations, work-to-rest ratios, tracking and analysis, and exercise techniques to maximize your results and utilize our service.

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Personal Training

Get an elite, educated, and caring personal trainer to help you reach your goals.

  • 30-minute sessions Designed for You
  • Effective program with results possible and guaranteed

Here’s an overview of the steps to take:

  • Start with a free initial consultation so we can learn more about your goals and body needs. You’ll get a thorough assessment and we’ll explain how we can specifically help you.
  • Get results immediately with our introduction package of 5 sessions for only $99. You’ll get a professionally designed workout plan and we’ll help you resolve the immediate need we identified during your assessment to prevent future plateaus or injuries from occurring.
  • Schedule your 5 introduction sessions (30 minutes each). You will receive email confirmations and 24-hour reminders for each session.
  • After completing your 5 introduction sessions, we will review the initial progress and discuss the right training package for the next step to address other problems.
  • Once you decide to continue getting more results, we will design your exercise program with proper periodizations plus regular check-in’s to stay on track. We’ll also help you record and analyze your workouts to maximize your results and provide updated recommendations to help you achieve your goals.
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Judy V. on the personal training program:

“Having been a formal personal trainer and also training on my own for over 30 years, I was looking for someone to take me to the next level. In the four sessions at REAL, I have already seen results. I appreciate that the time was taken to understand my goals and to build a great program for me over such a short period of time. I have no doubt that this will help me reach my ultimate goal of being in the best shape possible. Extremely knowledgeable and true professionals. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting into top shape!”

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Performance Training

Take your performance to the next level with our focused and specialized programs for your specific sport.

  • Concentrate on your Workouts in our Private Fitness Studio for Elite Athletes
  • Get Specific Periodizations so your Training can Peak at the Perfect Time
  • Unlock your Full Potential and Get the Edge Over your Competition with the Training You Need

Here’s How To Start:

  • Schedule your free initial consultation so we can perform our thorough athlete assessment. We will also perform some basic strength tests to determine baselines for your training and to compare results over your training timeline.
  • Decide on the right package for you. If needed, you’ll get a customized package option depending on your training timeline and sporting events.
  • Schedule your sessions to reserve your spot. Performance training sessions are 45 minutes in length. You will receive email confirmations and 24-hour reminders for your sessions.
  • At the end of each periodization, usually every 4-6 weeks, we will perform a fitness test to determine your progress and review your program together. This ensures we’re on track or if we need to make necessary changes to the program to maximize your results.
  • Continue your training sessions and repeat the process. We will continue to track and analyze your workouts to help you reach the next level you desire to achieve.
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Michele B. on the performance training program:

“Eric and Tyler are both amazing. My son loves working out because of them, and we can all see the gains he’s making in his strength and his hockey game. Eric really connects well and manages to strike a perfect balance between encouraging my son to achieve his best while always keeping it fun and interesting. The program is tailored to his needs and developmental level, and I appreciated Tyler’s thorough assessment process at the outset. We’ve had exposure to lots of different types of training and these guys are the best.”

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Virtual Personal Training

Get flexible and convenient workouts right from your home.

  • Efficient and Effective Virtual Personal Training
  • Start or Continue Exercising from Anywhere you’d Like
  • Creative Exercise Programs fit for you Even if You Don’t Have Any Exercise Equipment

Here’s What To Do:

  • Schedule a free initial consultation so we can complete our assessment and so we can learn more about your goals and body needs. You’ll get an idea of how to achieve the results you want with or without equipment.
  • Start with our introduction package of 5 sessions for $99 to start your program and experience the effectiveness of our training.
  • Schedule your 30-minute sessions to reserve your spot. You will receive email confirmations and 24-hour reminders for your sessions.
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Franklin H.

“I can’t imagine a better personal training experience. Tyler and REAL Personal Training deliver a highly personalized and effective training regimen. It’s five years now with Tyler, and I am much healthier as a consequence.”

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young sports woman using home workout trainer app in tablet PC

Online Exercise Program

Say goodbye to your old, boring and uncomfortable workout with REAL's online exercise programs fit for you if you:

  • Are self-motivated to do your own exercises
  • Have ongoing pain or discomfort from your workouts and want to switch it up
  • Have hit a plateau and need someone to hold you accountable for your fitness routine

You’ll Also Get:

  • A free initial consultation to understand your goals, body needs, and current fitness status. We will both determine the best action plan for your exercise routine and results.
  • A new workout program sent to you at the end of every month to prevent plateaus.
  • A call at the end of every program to review the previous program and discuss the new program.
  • Exercise techniques will be demonstrated for any exercises you’re unsure of.
  • Ongoing support available at any time for any assistance needed with your program.
  • Regular check-ins for accountability.
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Lili R.

“REAL made me fall in love with fitness again. Tyler and Eric’s patience and care for each of their clients goes above and beyond any other gym I’ve been to. They provide you with more than you are paying for, by giving you additional nutrition tips and a program at home to follow. They provide you with a positive and supportive environment to get healthy.”

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Achieve better posture, focus, and core strength in just 4 weeks!

With these safe exercises you can start a routine and notice progress in your health and fitness journey without spending a dime.

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