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Personal Training

Real training that is personalized to ME

“Being a woman who has only previously trained with another woman, I was hesitant to begin training with Tyler; however, this anxiety quickly vanished after two sessions with him. His personality is amazing and he has a great sense of humor, which for me makes the squats and planks more bearable. What I love about REAL Personal Training is that it is just that: real training that is personalized to ME - my body, my current lifestyle, and my current abilities and disabilities. Having had history of injuries from previous workouts, Tyler has had me go back to the basics to ensure I am properly engaging the appropriate muscles and to avoid future injuries. Being used to a full hour session, I was surprised by how much I would sweat during a 30 minute session! His gym is clean and inviting and he even has a private bathroom for his clients to use after workout to freshen up! I have recommended Tyler to both friends and family and would most definitely recommend him to beginners like me who think, “There is no hope in hell!”

Kayla N.
Alberto C.“The approach makes you feel like a person”

The trainers at RPT are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Their tailored programs ensure that you meet your personal goals and their approach makes you feel like a person and not just another client. Recommend it to anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and wanting to achieve with trainers that have your best interest at heart.

Andree M."REAL helped me strengthen a sore shoulder"

Love/hate working out with Tyler- seriously he has greatly helped me strengthen a sore shoulder. He pushes/challenges me enough to grow while at the same time being cognizant of my weaknesses. Great guy too!

Spencer M. | Canadian National Team Member"Tyler is highly knowledgeable"

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned!

Tevon K.“REAL helped me surpass my smaller goals”

Tyler is the bomb! He pushes you hard and has been the source of a lot of motivation for me during our workouts. Super nice guy to talk to in between sets so the gym environment always feels friendly. Highly recommend working with Tyler, he’s helped me far surpass my original smaller goals!

Franklin H."Changes in my business-travel schedule accommodated"

I am thoroughly enjoying, and benefiting from, my REAL Personal Training. Tyler’s willingness to accommodate the changes in my business-travel schedule is especially valuable.

Judy V.“I have seen results in 4 sessions”

Having been a formal personal trainer and also training on my own for over 30 years, I was looking for someone to take me to the next level. In the four sessions at REAL, I have already seen results. I appreciate that the time was taken to understand my goals and to build a great program for me over such a short period of time. I have no doubt that this will help me reach my ultimate goal of being in the best shape possible.

Lili R.“REAL provides you with more than you are paying for”

REAL made me fall in love with fitness again. Tyler and Eric's patience and care for each of their clients goes above and beyond any other gym I've been to. They provide you with more than you are paying for, by giving you additional nutrition tips, and a program at home to follow if you'd like. They provide you with a positive and supportive environment to get healthy.

Tina A.“Cleaning protocols maintained to a very high standard”

Both Tyler and Eric are awesome! An individual workout plan is tailored to your needs. Each week Eric puts you through your paces, gradually increasing weight and difficulty, with both praise and humour. Cleaning protocols maintained to a very high standard. Booking is easy and reminders given for every appt. I highly recommend it.

Lyndsay T.“REAL helped me train during and after pregnancy"

"I first started training with Tyler after the birth of my second child. Not only did he help me back to my pre-baby weight, he also trained me throughout the pregnancy of my third child. Today I am stronger than I have ever been! He helps me reach my fitness goals and really cares about his clients. I would highly recommend Tyler and Eric!"

Performance Training

Darrin M."The results are there"

Tyler has been training my 13 year old son over the last 2 years (on and off due to COVID and summer breaks), and now Eric is involved too. The level of detail, the planning, and the execution in running the training program is top quality. Tyler cares about his athletes, always giving feedback and looking for ways to improve their performance. And the results are there, my son is in peak physical condition when he is training with Tyler and Eric. He is a wonderful human being and trainer, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Tristan B. | Canadian Snowcross Snowboard Athlete"Qualified to compete at the Canada Games and more!"

I have been trained by Tyler and Eric for 3
years now and he has designed my training to fit my competitive sport and the results are great! Qualified to compete at the Canada Games, Youth Olympics and Junior Worlds from 2019-2020. Thanks Tyler and Eric!

Michele B.“My son loves working out because of them”

Eric and Tyler are both amazing. My son loves working out because of them, and we can all see the gains he’s making in his strength and his hockey game. Eric really connects well and manages to strike a perfect balance between encouraging my son to achieve his best while always keeping it fun and interesting. The program is tailored to his needs and developmental level, and I appreciated Tyler’s thorough assessment process at the outset. We’ve had exposure to lots of different types of training and these guys are the best.

Online and Virtual Training

Ron B.“Excellent planning of routines”

The zoom sessions with Eric were great. Glad to be back in the gym. Excellent planning of Routines.

Franklin"I am much healthier"

I can't imagine a better personal training experience. Tyler and REAL Personal Training deliver a highly personalized and effective training regimen. It's five year now with Tyler, and I am much healthier as a consequence.

Steve B."My health and well-being are the best they have ever been"

I have been working with REAL Personal Training for over three years now- all of them through their distance programming. I can honestly say that my health and well-being are the best they have ever been. Their distance programming is incredibly user friendly. And beyond that, Tyler truly cares about his clients and I have developed an honest relationship with him. It is because of that relationship (and my results) that I trust his programs wholeheartedly. I firmly believe in REAL Personal Training and will be a lifelong client.

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