The choices you make will reflect on your personal success. Building a foundation of healthy lifestyle habits can help you reach your goals and dreams. Everyone has a different routine but the main habits are more similar than you think.

It all starts with your inner health. If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to reflect this on your relationships, work and success. Your outer-health is the things that surround you. If you’re not healthy, how do you expect to surround yourself with healthy relationships and outcomes?

Below we will highlight five of the main healthy lifestyle habits that you can add to be more successful in multiple areas of your life. These habits include:

5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits:

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep
  4. Social Life
  5. Try New Things

1. Exercise

Although we preach exercise and this is a fitness blog, exercise is a healthy habit many people award their success to.

Exercise can help keep you mentally sharp and help you cope with stress. Many people we talk to and train have told us that exercise allows them to feel fresh, confident and ready for their next day at work, meeting or travel. A great opportunity for you to experience this is right now, during quarantine. If you’re feeling foggy or low-energy, try exercising for 30 minutes and see how you feel afterwards. From personal experience, I bet you will feel refreshed, energized and even motivated! Give it a try. If you need help creating an exercise routine, refer to The Components of an Exercise Routine to Improve Your Overall Fitness.

The benefits of exercise on your physical health can be an article on it’s own, but in the most simplistic way possible, exercise has more positive effects than negative effects.

Self- image, strength, cardio, respiration and pain are some of the things that may be holding you back. Including exercise in your lifestyle can help improve these things and make you more confident. And, as mentioned by many others, a confident person is a dangerous person, in regards to success.

2. Nutrition

 The way you fuel your body will reflect on your production and success level. This is another great way to keep your inner-health strong so you can achieve your goals.

Nutrition Guidance for Healthy Success is a great read on how to eat healthy while keeping it simple. Imagine if you improved your nutrition and the result would be a 50% increase in your productivity and energy throughout your day. Think about how everything around you will become easier and how much your life will improve. I’m sure, in this context, you will be motivated to eat better for more success in every part of your life. 

Not to mention that combining exercise and nutrition will give you great physical and mental results too! Especially if you’re focused on specific goals with your fitness.

3. Sleep

Probably one of the most over-looked parts of a healthy lifestyle. We often forget the importance of sleep and the role it plays in our body to recover and replenish.

As discussed briefly in previous blogs, it’s important to ensure you’re getting enough sleep, but not too much. Everyone requires different amounts of sleep but it’s suggested that you should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

If you want to stay sharp and have a positive mood, your sleep will be the most important factor for this. Someone that doesn’t sleep enough will generally be on-edge, moody and short-fused. These are things in your life that can lead to unhealthy relationships and less success. On the other hand, if you sleep too much you may feel unmotivated, more tired and not social. Again, these are qualities of being under-productive and factors that can prevent you from being more successful.

4. Social Life

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you still have a social life. It’s super important to meet with family, friends, get of the house and go to different outings such as the movies, restaurants or stores.

One thing many of us try to balance is our work-life situation. Do you work to live, or live to work? You can balance this out however you’d like to live your life but the important message here is that having a social life outside of work changes your mindset. Let your mind drift free of work and engage in gatherings that bring a different side out of you.

Although you may not see the direct correlation that a social life has on your successful lifestyle, keeping healthy relationships with your family and friends will change your thought process will help keep your outer-health positive, which will help keep your inner-health even better.

Try New Things

This one may get you to step out of your comfort zone a bit. You have a routine that allows you to live your daily life and keep you happy. But, once in a while, you should try something new.

Why is this a healthy lifestyle habit? Because you live in a world where there are so many things you never exposed yourself too. In terms of nutrition, there is food you like, don’t like and never tried. If you’re always eating the same thing, try something new or think you don’t like. You never know, you may find something you like which can bring excitement and variation to your life.

If you’re always in your comfort zone, how do you expect to grow and become more successful? Step out of your comfort zone once in a while and try new things. It can be something new for exercise, nutrition or may even require you to be with friends which engages you in a social life.


If you combine the above five healthy lifestyle habits, you will have a solid foundation to become more successful. Reflect on your life and see if you can improve or add any of these habits into your routine. Remember, a healthy lifestyle equals more success in your life!

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